Parallel Finance

Striving on the Polkadot Ecosystem - interoperable, scalable, secure.

Parallel Lending Protocol

Supporting both Kusama and Polkadot assets, Parallel enables token holders and projects to flexibly and borderlessly put their idle capital to earn interests.

Parallel Staking Protocol

Parallel to the Lending Protocol, the foundation introduces a cross-alliance staking derivative to build an interest stacking module for lenders and stakers DOTs - xDOTs

Earn Double Interest Rate

in Polkadot earning from
lending and staking (testnet)

Parallel testnet

More about Parallel

  • The Parallel Whitepaper details the protocol design mechanism infrastructure, and interest rate modeling of the lending and staking protocol.

  • The Parallel Token Economy paper explores the utilities of $PARA token, its vesting distribution, and plans for parachain auctions.

  • The governance paper outlines the Parallel Reserve Fund, Insurance Fund, and other self-sustaining financial models governed by the team and other $PARA token holders.

Building on Polkadot

Building on


Parallel leverages Polkadot’s high-capacity processing speed, faster governance parameters, and greater tolerance to risks in order to serve a greater population of people.


Polkadot provides interoperable cross-blockchain transfers of any type of data or asset, not just tokens. This allows Parrallel to build a long-term scope of providing RWA onramp.


Polkadot’s sophisticated governance system allows PARA token holders to share a voice in runtime upgrades, network development, and more.

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Senior Rust Engineer

Location: Remote

Experience: 3-5 Years

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Proficient in rust language for at least 2 years working experience in Rust language.

Responsible for substrate parachain and XCM protocol development.

Understand blockchain technology and familiar with bitcoin, ethereum, and Polkadot technical structure Prefer to have development experience on top of substrate runtime.

Familiar with GitHub issue, pr process, and team collaboration.

Eager to learn and comfortable with working in a fast-paced startup environment

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Senior Full-stack Developer

Location: Remote

Experience: 3-5 Years

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Proficient with javascript and typescript language.

3-5 years of experience in React, Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB.

Driven to work in a fast-paced startup environment.

Strong English communication skills and experienced in team collaboration tools.

Preferred to have dev experience in blockchain (web3, polkadotJS, GraphQL), and familiar with DeFi application development.

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Head of Marketing

Location: Remote

Experience: 2-3 Years

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Have 2-3 years of marketing experience in the crypto space and understand the crypto marketing landscape and growth strategy.

Manage the internal marketing team and agencies to oversee content creation, media publication, community engagement, social media, and branding.

Have connections to blockchain industry players, influencers, or you are influencers yourself.

Have a strong interpersonally communication skills and this role will work directly under CEO.

Have the willingness to work on a fast-paced startup schedule.

Have the ability to learn new technology in both Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystem.

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HR Consultant

Location: Remote

Experience 2-3 Years

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Have 3-5 years professional experience in human resource, with at least 1+ years HR for tech start-ups.

Manage employee's life cycle from recruiting, hiring, payroll, disciplinary actions, policies, benefits, training, firing, etc.

Manage to work with outsider recruiters and is able to efficiently find the right people in crypto space.

Self-motivated, well organized, an expert communicator, and driven to work in a fast-paced startup environment for the long term.

Drive the internal culture-building that embodies Parallel's values and mission.

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