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Best Yield on Dotsama Ecosystem

Best Yield
In One Click

Simply supply the assets, we optimize
the best yield for you and you don't have
to do all the complicated DeFi stuff, in a
secure and decentralized way.

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Crosschain Margin
with No Limit

Use your assets freely across apps and
blockchains with our super app.

One Wallet
For Everything

Manage your crypto across all
blockchains. Send using emails. Earn
yield with DeFi securely.

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NFT DeFi Market

Bid for NFTs from any platforms with
leverage. Use them as collateral, stake
them to earn yield, and more.

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Manage DAO with Ease

Manage payroll, spending, and treasury
with a secured easy-to-use multi-sig.

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What’s In Store

Mobile first

Mobile First

Mobile friendly products for day to day consumers.


KYC Products

Legal and compliant products for institutions and retail users.

App Specific L2

App Specific L2

Further increasing scalability, efficiency, and speed for users.

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