Our Mission

Bring DeFi to the Mainstream.

Parallel's mission is to innovate and bring DeFi to the next level.
We are creating the most secure and easy-to-use decentralized platform to empower
everyone access to financial services.

Meet the team



Yubo Ruan


Yang Zhou

Blockchain Lead

Cheng Jiang

Blockchain Lead

Lipai Zhu

Blockchain Developer

Crystalyn Liu

Full Stack Lead

Simran Badwal

Director Of Engineering

Dan Boneh

Technical Advisor

Eliott Teissonniere

Blockchain Advisor

Josh Ransom

Principal Full Stack Software Engineer

Walid Al Habboul

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Adelin Ionut

Full Stack Engineer

Alan Wang

Blockchain Developer

David Holtz

Blockchain Developer

Alvaro Ricotta

Senior Front end Engineer

Yuanxing Pang

Front end

Yangyang C

DevOps Engineer

Gayan Kalanamith

Senior Rust Engineer

Donglin Han

Senior Test Development Engineer

Jianman Luo

Blockchain Developer

Jia Zhou

Blockchain Developer

Tais feng

Quality Test Engineer

Roy Liu

Software Developer

Sanmati Kumar

Full Stack Developer

Will Lau

Quality Test Engineer

Product and Operation

Helen Ye

Product & Growth

Kenny Yu


Remi Gai

Product & Operation

Tony Xiaodong Leng

Finance Manager

Gabriel Francisco

Executive Assistant

Dan Yang

HR Manager

Angelica May


Shah Hafizi

Compliance Advisor

Marketing and Growth

Jennifer Kong

Head of Marketing, China

Michael Seitz

Director of Marketing

Lennart Laubisch

Community Manager

Inessa Tuzovskaia

Community Manager

Minsoo Kim

Community Manager

Jeff Cao

Community Manager


Marketing Advisor

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