The first streamlined Protocol for

Insured Staking

Proof-of-stake blockchains use slashing to disincentivize bad node
behavior. Users who nominate validators that experience a slashing event
also experience slashing themselves. Parallel protects against this risk by
collecting a small fee from every user who stakes, and redistributing that
fee in the event of slashing.

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Simple and effective

Slash-Proof Coverage

Our validator algorithm strategically selects the highest
performing nodes. If a slashing event does occur, we cover the
difference from an insurance pool, which is funded by fees
collected through the staking platform

Stake Insured

Our assets are guaranteed

Price Protection

Parallel uses a stability pool to prevent against price deviations
in the conversion rate of like-kind assets. If an event occurs
that requires slippage fees to be paid out from the stability
pool, the pool automatically repurchases interest-bearing
tokens from the market for a discount. These recently
purchased tokens are required to remain in the pool for an
extended period of time to make up the interest. Tokens in this
pool stay profitable by being short on liquidty, and long on
accrued interest.

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Automated and optimal

Proactive Safeguards

Parallel’s validator algorithm is a form of machine learning that
acts proactively on behalf of the user to preserve capital. This
proactive preservation acts more deftly than the user could on
their own, bonding and unbonding DOT/KSM from the most
trusted validators, and redirecting userst to validators with the
lowest proportion of bonded tokens, thereby increasing staking

Stake Insured

Stay ahead of the game

Unbond Anytime

There are two ways you can unbond your DOT and KSM through
Parallel. The first is that you simply way your xDOT or xKSM for
DOT or KSM using our low slippage curve. The curve absorbs a
fraction of the interest earned during staking, and returns the
rest to the user. The fraction absorbed by the curve is
essentially the users payment for unstaking early. The second is
similar to the unbonding process you would experience if you
were unbonding directly from the blockchain. In this case, you
begin the unbond process and wait seven days for KSM and twenty eight days for DOT

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