A new approach to AMMs

Predictive Yield Curve

Parallel focuses on composability and precision at every level.
One of our most important innovations is a more efficient curve
for interest-bearing tokens like xDOT, xpDOT, cTokens, and the
like. This curve uses the future value of interest-bearing tokens,
which lowers slippage to as low as 0.

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Trade or lend interest-bearing assets

Unlocked Liquidity

Our interest-bearing token AMM curve works by leveraging the
future value of interest-bearing assets. This allows us to
simulate deep liquidity on every swap. It also gives the user the
ability to swap in and out of interest-bearing positions with for
the highest possible value.

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Automated price adjustment

Stability Pool

Rather than having two-sided pools, Parallel’s AMM has a
three-sided pool, where the first side is composed of a native
token, the second is composed of an interest-bearing token,
and the third is the stability pool. The stability pool works by
insuring the slippage on the AMM curve. We can insure slippage
for swaps that use as much as 1/6 of the pool. Swaps that use
greater than that percentage will incur slippage.

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Coming Soon

Multi-Token Swap

In its current version, the AMM curve supports swaps between
like-kind interest-bearing assets like xDOT, pDOT and pxDOT. In
the future, we will also support swaps between interest-bearing
assets of unlike-kinds. This multi-token AMM will create a
market for low-slippage swaps between tokens and yield
farming for interest-bearing tokens.

Stake Insured

Stay ahead of the game

Unbond Anytime

There are two ways you can unbond your DOT and KSM through
Parallel. The first is that you simply way your xDOT or xKSM for
DOT or KSM using our low slippage curve. The curve absorbs a
fraction of the interest earned during staking, and returns the
rest to the user. The fraction absorbed by the curve is
essentially the users payment for unstaking early. The second is
similar to the unbonding process you would experience if you
were unbonding directly from the blockchain. In this case, you
begin the unbond process and you wait seven days

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